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How does floating help relieve stress?

Would you like help with improving your mental and emotional wellbeing? Including the stress, overwhelm and anxiety of daily life?

In today’s world with all the modern benefits, there are greater challenges than ever before that impact our mental health.

Especially since we are hyper connected to devices. Many of us feel bombarded by a constant stream of updates and alerts that steal our attention and overwhelm us. Leaving us struggling to find a healthy balance with technology.

And if we don’t make time to unplug and rest, stress, anxiety and depression can easily creep in and take over our mind, emotions, body and life.

Many of us have no idea what real silence, balance and relaxation actually is. We don't know what it's like to be device free, quiet our mind and let our body be calm.

This sensory overload affects sleep, eating habits, mood, concentration, relationships and body functions such as respiration and heart rate.

But floatation therapy is helping millions of people to disconnect, reset and create balance by making mental health a priority.

Floatation is a revolutionary and scientifically backed way to reach the ultimate level of relaxation in a zero gravity environment.

Here’s how it works - When we feel threatened or stressed our sympathetic nervous system activates, what we call the fight or flight response. This releases stress inducing hormones like adrenaline and cortisol into our bloodstream, thus increasing our heart rate and making us tense our muscles, as if preparing to fight back against threats or to escape dangerous situations. In this modern world we live in, while there are no lions to fight or run from like early civilisation had to, we are faced with stressful triggers that only exist in our mind. Being late for an appointment, stuck in traffic, family and work demands and tasks piling up, can all increase our heart rate and tense our muscles. Making the stress hormones release, but with us not needing to run or fight, they continue to flood the bloodstream keeping us in a high stress state longer.

Over time this can lead to anxiety, burnout or depression.

If you’ve ever felt trapped in a high-stress mental state before, you know first hand how hard it is to break free.

But a float tank can make it easier as you’re suspended and weightless in magnesium rich water drifting through space, void of all external stimulation. The water and air in the tank are heated to skin temperature, which makes your skin receptors neutral as you begin to lose track of where your body ends and where the water begins. Effectively stripping all external senses from your body, as it taps into its own resources and repairs itself.

With your fight or flight response turned off, your parasympathetic nervous system is turned on. Releasing the feel good hormone, dopamine and healthy endorphins, which settle the heart and make your muscles, joints, and tendons relax and elongate.

After an hour in the pod you’ll emerge feeling calm, reset and stress free. Ready to return to the outside world at your full potential.

Give your body and mind a much needed rest today while improving overall wellbeing and mental health.

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