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18 Rokeby St
VIC 3066

Hawthorn East

(03) 9813 0385
2/96 Camberwell Rd
Hawthorn East
VIC 3123

Moonee Ponds

03 9326 1752
14 Hinkins St
Moonee Ponds
VIC 3039

East Perth

08 9228 4062
125 Edward St
WA 6000


08 9388 6668
1 / 252 Cambridge St
WA 6014

Unlock Profound Healing with the Power of Red Light Therapy

Step into a realm of rejuvenation with our state-of-the-art Contour Light. Harnessing the pinnacle of healing wavelengths, it awakens your body's innate ability to heal and revitalise. From alleviating pain, uplifting mood, reducing stress, to enhancing sleep, Contour Light is your compassionate companion on a holistic journey to vitality. Delve into this revolutionary therapy and illuminate your path to holistic well-being today.

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Beautiful Ambient Surroundings

Sacred geometry architecture has been used to plan each wellness centre space as well as in the fine detail seen in the custom made light fittings. We have built temples of relaxation incorporating sacred geometry, which is derived from patterns and proportion systems that exist in nature. This elevates the spatial experience in line with the heightened mental state one achieves through floats & our other therapies.

Float Tank Sacred Architecture
Beyond Rest Sacred Architecture
Wembley Beyond Rest

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We help busy and stressed workers find stillness, so they feel more balanced

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