Escape from chronic pain in as little as an hour.

Even if nothing else you're trying has worked long-term.

Are you struggling with chronic pain or an injury?

Most people don’t understand what it’s like to live with pain. But no matter who you are, when you’re in pain life is harder.

You might be suffering from arthritis or joint pain; a painful knee, hip, back or shoulder. Whatever it is for you, the impact it has on your life is significant. But easy solutions are available.

If you’re looking for a way to manage your pain or recover from an injury, float therapy may be just the help you need.

In the float pod you are suspended in skin temperature water, filled with medical grade Epsom salts. Floating still and feeling as if there is no gravity, your spine straightens and decompresses. Pain in your entire body, from head, neck and back, to hips and knees, will fade away. Leaving you in a state of tranquil calm.

The magnesium rich Epsom salts that you float in have a natural anti-inflammatory effect. Helping reduce stiffness and swollen joints.

Many who suffer from fibromyalgia and arthritis float to manage their pain, saying they feel reduced inflammation and pain for several days after their float sessions.

Epsom salts also help ease tension in sore, fatigued or pulled muscles. Speeding up your recovery time. If you are an athlete or enjoy active exercise, floating is known to help you heal faster. Many professional sports people float regularly, relying on it to help both their body and mind.

Would you like to discover what floating can do for you?

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