Experience Deep Muscle Relief and Faster Recovery with the Magic Roll

Transform Your Recovery: Infrared-Powered Deep Tissue and Lymphatic Massage for Muscle Relief, Cellulite Reduction, and Pain Management

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Discover The Infrared Magic Roll

Discover how the Magic Roll can enhance your recovery and wellbeing through deep muscle relief and advanced infrared technology.

Key Benefits of the Magic Roll

Deeper Muscle Tension Release

Experience profound muscle tension release through advanced infrared technology.

Effective Deep Massage

Delve into deep tissue massage that targets and eases muscle tightness and soreness.

Immediate Cellulite Reduction

See visible reduction in cellulite, promoting smoother, firmer skin with consistent use.

Enhanced Calorie Burn

Boost your fitness regime with our dynamic treatment, designed to enhance pre and post-workout results by effectively increasing calorie burn.

Improved Circulation

Enhance your blood flow for better health and faster recovery.

Skin Rejuvenation

Improve skin elasticity and reduce signs of aging for firmer, more youthful skin.

Relaxation & Stress Relief

Enjoy a relaxing escape that reduces stress and improves mood through elevated endorphins.

Lymphatic Drainage

Revitalise your lymphatic system for enhanced detoxification and immune support.

The Magic Roll: Where Fitness Meets Relaxation 

Experience the unique blend of a rejuvenating massage and an invigorating workout. The Magic Roll eases muscle tension and engages your body in a fitness-like experience, enhancing your physical and mental well-being."

- NY Post, Melissa Malamut

Mastering the Magic: Exploring the Positions of the Magic Roll

Step into a world of deep recovery and relief with the Magic Roll. Our state-of-the-art machine features multiple positions to target every part of your body, enhanced by soothing infrared heat and colour therapy.

In a 30-50 minute session, you will undergo a comprehensive deep tissue massage, involving a sequence of 15 different positions, starting at your feet and progressing to your arms

"It's like a foam roller on steroids!"

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2 x 50min Magic Roll Sessions

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Pricing & Session Options:

"Customise your wellness journey with our flexible session options. Choose from a quick 30-minute standard or indulge in, a comprehensive 50-minute experience.

Single Session

One 50 Minute Magic Roll Session

5 Treatments

Save $50

10 Treatments

Save $130

Express Session

One 30 Minute Magic Roll Session

Real People, Real Results:

Patrick - "It's better than a massage" 

Kellie - "It's helped reduce the pain"

Katrina - "It feels like a really good workout at the end of it" 

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Magic Roll work?

It utilises rotating mechanisms and infrared heat to provide deep tissue massage, improve circulation, and promote lymphatic drainage.

What are the health benefits of using Magic Roll?

Benefits include lymphatic drainage, muscle tension relief, cellulite reduction, improved circulation, and stress reduction.

Will Magic Roll help with cellulite?

Yes, regular use of Magic Roll can help in reducing the appearance of cellulite by improving circulation and lymphatic drainage.

Is there any special preparation needed before a session?

We recommend wearing comfortable clothing and staying hydrated. Detailed instructions will be provided during your first visit.

Are there any contra-indications for using the Magic Roll?

While the Magic Roll is safe for most individuals, there are certain contra-indications. For instance, it's not recommended for those with severe cardiovascular conditions, acute infections, or malignant tumours.

Is the Magic Roll safe to use during pregnancy?

The safety of using the Magic Roll during pregnancy can vary. While some aspects of the roller may be beneficial, we highly recommend consulting with your healthcare provider before using it if you are pregnant. This precaution is to ensure that it aligns with your individual health needs and pregnancy stage.

How often should I use the Magic Roll for the best results?

The ideal frequency for using the Magic Roll varies by individual, but generally, 1-2 sessions per week are beneficial for most clients. For a comprehensive experience and to fully appreciate the benefits, we recommend completing a series of 12 sessions. This schedule allows you to fully observe the positive changes the Magic Roll can bring to your body.

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