Normatec Compression Recovery Boots

Relaxing, therapeutic, euphoria inducing. The ultimate detox and recovery experience. NormaTec Compression Boots achieve this by pneumatic compression. Pushing excess fluid out of tight muscles and achy joints.

Working like a deep lymphatic massage, to decrease inflammation and eliminate waste from the body. The NormaTec Compression Boots are magic for lymphatic drainage, which is crucial for wellbeing and a strong immune system.

As an optimally functioning lymph system will drain excess fluid from tissues, prevent the absorption of fatty acid, and transport fat to the circulatory system. Which is all necessary for the production of immune cells. The NormaTec Compression Boots assist with all of this!

Normatec Boot Pricing

4 x 30 minute pack
$25 a session. Get 4 sessions to help ongoing restoration, protection and
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30 minutes Session
Have a 30 minute Normatec Boot session to restore, protect and detox.
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Initially you will experience the pre-inflate cycle, where the connected attachments mould perfectly to your exact body shape. Then a compression of your legs, as the boots work their way from feet to thigh and hip area. This movement is like the kneading and stroking technique used in massage. Each segment of the attachment will first compress in a pulsing manner and then release. This will repeat for each segment of the attachment as the compression pattern works its way up your limbs.

Yes. Just like a massage, the NormaTec Recovery system has you in control of the intensity to your liking, by using the control device. If at any point you feel uncomfortable, you can simple turn the power off and remove the equipment.

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