Worried Your Mind Won't Stop In The Tank?

New Journey Floats™ Series - The greatest innovation in floating since the float tank

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Are you ready for your deepest state?

Being effortlessly guided, feeling the deepest tranquillity, leaving life problems behind, while experiencing whole new worlds in the pod?

We’ve designed a world first creation just for you: the Journey Floats series, and the Mindful Floats series.

Journey Floats are like being personally guided to higher worlds and states of being, by a Master Teacher skilled at transforming minds and expanding consciousness.

Mindful Floats are like a Meditation Master personally leading you into deeper experiences of calm and tranquillity than you’ve ever been able to achieve before.

We have brought together a team of experts to create a guided journey series for you to reach the most peaceful state within yourself.

Now you’re no longer stuck with your non-stop mind in the pod or wondering if it’s time to get out already. Instead, you escape all the issues and distractions while being guided into another world. A world that will allow you to effortlessly feel tranquillity, inner calm and stillness in the float.

We've been there before. Having that float where you’re thinking the whole time about issues and things to do, not to mention the random thoughts that keep coming up. Leaving you uncomfortable or simply over it and bored. Then you get out (and of course you’ll still get all the key benefits for the next day) but you think, “I was expecting to be more relaxed than this”. We’ve changed that.

Like a meditation master leading you deeper

Let us take you on a profound journey inwards. Relinquishing all your layers, taking you back to your true self. Your natural state of being. To another world of calm, relaxation within the pod. Achieving all the benefits of floatation, without the burden of your busy mind.

Hosting over 120,000 floats has given us great insight to one of the biggest issues facing everyone at some point in the float pod. We understand that for some people, even those who may have floated for a while, the key method missing has been expert guidance in the pod. For you to get the most out of your float experience.

Even for those who hit a floating plateau, where they feel they are not getting the same results in the Pure Float experience, you too can explore the Journey Float series and reach new states.

The Journey Floats have been architected by a masterful teacher of the Eastern Mysteries and of esoteric psychology - who has extensive experience in positively transforming people’s consciousness – to take you to the deepest state possible. Uniting our architect with the professionally trained voice of a spiritual teacher and the musical intuition of a sound expert, we have collectively created these journeys. Each Journey Float world has been meticulously woven together to carry you to profound levels of tranquillity and relaxation, and even of transformation. All within yourself. All within the pod.

Each month we’ll be introducing a new journey that you can choose to take in the pod.

These journeys will take you to brand new worlds. Helping you reflect in a fresh new way about your life, while giving you a unique method to switch off in the pod. All the better to help you reconnect to what’s important outside the pod too.

Journey Floats Series

Within each Journey Float you will be led to distant or inner realms on your own personal journey in two main phases. After each, there is a deliberately designed space of silence for you to drift in these worlds or just reflect on nothingness, so that you still experience time suspended in the ‘PURE float’ state. You will therefore benefit both from the guided journey and the pure float, just with additional help to experience them.

Float Menu

Mindful Floats

Guided Mindfulness at the Start
1. Mindful Relaxation
2. Mindful Meditation (coming soon)

Journey Floats™

Guided Journey in 3 parts
1. Journey to the Ancient Forest
2. Journey to the Ocean Depths
3. Journey to the Living Cosmos
4. Journey to the Desert of Transformation

Pure Floats

Pure Silence
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Mindful Float Series

For those seeking guidance to achieve greater relaxation or mindful awareness, we are also incorporating the Mindful Floats series. Less narration and storytelling than the Journey Series, and instead more instruction to help you either to consciously relax and achieve greater calm and a deeper float, or to pay attention in focused mindfulness. After the initial guided instruction, you will be left in silence for a profoundly deep experience.

If you are ready to;

  • Reach deeper theta wave states in the pod…
  • Experience all the benefits possible from a float…
  • Discover a deeper, more profound float with a longer post-float glow you wouldn’t have thought possible by yourself…
  • Be guided to let go of your challenges, problems and pressures to reach your greatest Zen state in the pod…
  • Take your floatation experience to a whole new level and world!…
  • No longer be uncomfortable or bored in the pod!…
  • Effortlessly feel different states of relaxation and consciousness…
  • We asked ourselves, why do some people have amazing transformations in the pod and others find it boring or difficult?
  • Journey & Mindful Floats are the answer to that.
  • A world first way to switch off so you can reach your highest state of calm, tranquillity and peace in the pod. Then take it with you.

Whole new worlds await you...

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