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Meditation and concentration practices are some of the best ways to calm the mind, focus your attention and observe your thoughts.

But in today’s distracted world with the constant noise all around, alerts and notifications on your phone and devices, and uncomfortable poses, m any of us feel scattered and overstimulated. Making it difficult to slow down the mind, feel present and even find time to meditate effectively to feel the benefits it can bring.

And if we don’t make time to slow down and reset, the outer and inner noise can easily take over, running our mind and our life.

But floatation therapy can solve this problem for you, to help you slow down, find stillness and calm, and create more balance, deepening your meditation practice.

In the float pod you will be suspended weightlessly in skin temperature water, free from all noise, light and distractions to your senses. Instead of the struggle to hold any meditation postures, you will float effortlessly on your back. Relaxed and blissful in the magnesium rich waters of the pod.

Focusing your awareness on your breath the outside world will float away. Allowing you to consciously slow and focus your mind.

Researchers who study neural activity with EEG machines are able to measure the activity in human brains. As your chemical and electrical impulses pass from one chain of neurons to another, the frequency of your impulses can be measured. We call these brain waves. As you go about your day you fluctuate between what’s called beta and gamma states. These range from 15 to 70 hertz of electrical cycles per second. While this is ideal for quick responses and high level processing, it can also indicate high stress levels and anxiety.

In deeper meditative states your brain waves can drop to between 4 and 12 hertz. These are called Alpha and Theta brain wave states. It is in these more tranquil brain wave states your mind enters a semi-conscious, lucid dream like state. Where you let go of attachments to the outside world, experiencing profound emotional and spiritual growth.

It’s approximately forty minutes into your float session, the mind switches from over active states to the tranquil Theta wave state. Giving you that euphoric feeling between waking and sleeping. A state only seen in children and those who have spent years practicing meditation for hours a day. What can take some meditators years to achieve, floatation can assist even beginners to reach in as little as 1hr.Increased theta waves are also associated with greater learning potential, long term memory storage, enhanced creativity and dreaming. In terms of self development, meditation and focus its potential is limitless.

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