Why float?

The I-Sopod is the largest pod in the world and has room to move around within the tank — it’s the size of a small car. People with claustrophobia consistently report no problems with floating in the I-Sopod. The I-Sopod is 7 ½ feet long and 4 ¾ feet wide. You’re always in control of your environment.

We are now introducing the new Breathe™ Float Fan, created by our very own staff member Ross. This fan improves the air quality in the tanks, which makes breathing much more natural.

Created by a team of people in London who have been in the floatation industry for 22 years, the design and functionality of the pod is far superior to any other pod on the market.

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Our Massages

Our fully qualified therapists are focused on providing massages that not only benefit you physically, but also emotionally and mentally. All for your greatest Mind-Body Wellbeing.

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Massage Styles

Mind-Body Relaxation – Can incorporate Swedish, Thai, KaHuna Hawaiian, Energy Healing / Reiki

Remedial – Can incorporate deep tissue, sports massage and trigger point massage

Pregnancy – Can incorporate Swedish & Aromatherapy…and more.

Benefitting you physically, emotionally and mentally.


Physical, emotional and mental wellbeing tailored to your needs and preferences.

Why a post-float massage?

Your body will never be more ready to feel the deeply relaxing and healing hands of our qualified masseuses.

Together this dynamic duo of wellness offer you a total Mind & Body Wellbeing experience to carry your post float glow longer.

We help busy and stressed workers find stillness, so they feel more balanced

Discover a more peaceful you

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Float laying still
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