Tank up your immune system

A strong, healthy immune system is your best defense against any cold, flu or virus, including COVID-19.

You likely know that floatation therapy offers pain and stress relief, as well as numerous other health benefits. But did you know that floating also strengthens the immune system?

Science has well established the undeniable link between stress levels and immune function. That’s why when you’re doing too much or feeling overwhelmed with everything you’re more likely to get run down and sick.

Stress raises your body’s cortisol levels and thus depletes the immune system. Imagine cortisol putting a blindfold over the eyes of your immune cells. This diminishes their function and leads to further stress. But this self-perpetuating cycle is one that you can break and even deter from happening in the first place. IF you reduce your stress levels. As it is by reducing your stress levels that your immune system stays stronger and is thus more powerful at defending you against; colds, viruses, bacteria and, various microorganisms.

So how do you reduce your stress? This is where the power of floating, to immerse your body and mind in total relaxation, can also boost your immune system at the same time.

How Floatation Therapy Strengthens Your Immune System

With the state of the world today this is a crucial time to be prioritising and managing your self-care. Not only for your own wellbeing but for the wellbeing of all.

Chronic stress and poor sleep are two key factors that can compromise your immune system. ⁣But both these – stress and poor sleep – can be directly supported by floating.

Floating has a potent relaxation response that encourages healthy immune function by minimising stress hormones circulating throughout your body. Our pods do this swiftly, naturally and effectively by the unique sensory reduced environment they create for you.

One of the most commonly reported benefits of floating is improved sleep. This is likely due to the now reduced levels of stress hormones in your body, post-float.  So, instead of poor sleep resulting in high stress compromising your immune system, floating changes this cycle. Leaving you calmer, happier and thus healthier. All it takes is 60-120 minutes in a float pod to allow your central nervous system to reach deeply calm states. Allowing you to build and maintain a better functioning immune system. Having consistent, healthier sleep is key to maintaining overall health. Floating can take you there.

⁣The meditative and mindful aspect of floating can also create greater alertness, mental clarity, and calm as well. This also further supports your healthy sleep and overall wiser decision making. Taking your health to the next level by including your body and mind.

At a time like this we not only encourage you to maintain your self-care, but we suggest you even step it up. Not only for your health and wellbeing, which allows you to continue doing all you do for yourself and your loved ones, but also for the network effect you have within the community and wider collective. ⁣

We want you healthy and well, continuing the wonderful work you do in the world while supporting your community, for the greater good of all. That’s why we’re here to help.

How the Infrared Sauna Boosts Your Immune System

Regular infrared sauna sessions are a powerful way to boost your immune system. Scientific research reveals that a sauna session once or twice per week can decrease your chances of getting run down and sick. This is how the IR Sauna works;

Keeps Your White Blood Cell Count Up.  

The heat generated by an infrared sauna stimulates energy at a cellular level. In turn, this increases your body’s production of white blood cells. These cells are your first line of defense when infection strikes.  Stimulated by the infrared sauna, your newly increased production of white blood cells can help your body fight off illness. Keeping you healthier.

Trigger Boosts Your Immune System.  

As Hippocrates famously said; “give me a fever and I can cure any disease”. A fever is a way the human body creates the conditions for the immune system to perform better. A session in the infrared sauna puts your body into a comfortable ‘fever-like’ state, triggering your immune system to act and protect you. Regular sauna sessions assist in maintaining this strong immune system.

Releases Toxins From Your Body.  

Toxins are everywhere in this modern world we live in. From the air we breathe and the food we eat to the products we use and all we are exposed to without even knowing it.  A key benefit of infrared sauna sessions is detoxification. By sweating out the toxic nasties your immune system has less to fight off. Freeing it to use its powers when and where it can be of most use if immunity stressors strike.

Increases Your Cell Regeneration.  

Infrared sauna sessions stimulate your cell regeneration. Helping get rid of cells that may be damaged, old or ineffective. Then replace them with new, fresh cells. While this process happens naturally, the infrared sauna session speeds up the process by helping your body run as efficiently as possible. Especially beneficial during the colder months, as the body can be attacked more frequently.

Relieves Your Stress.  

As you know, high stress produces high levels of cortisol. This can result in a weakened immune system. But, regular infrared sauna sessions can help. By balancing the cortisol levels and relaxing you both mind and body, your stress levels will drop. Leaving you calmer of mind and stronger in the body. And that’s how you want to be!

Cleanliness & Sanitisation of each pod

Each of our pods are filled with 600kg of Epsom salts, which don’t allow pathogens to be in the water. Epsom salt is inhospitable for bacteria and viruses, and having the pod water heavily drenched with these salts means they are highly inhospitable environments for pathogens.

Combined with the use of our UV lights and Earth friendly water disinfectant protocols between each guest – combined with a much lower bather load and stricter personal cleansing procedures – all make for the spread of pathogens to be far less likely than regular pools or hot tubs.

Water sanitisation & filtration. Besides the required pre-float shower – where all floaters use soap/shampoo to wash hair and body before and after floats (as well as with the sauna use) –  each pod has a 3-step filtering process. This consists of a 1-micron filter (that’s down to 1/100th of a human hair!) to filter out microscopic particles, ultra-violet (UV) sanitation (when bacteria, viruses and protozoa are exposed to the germicidal wavelengths of UV light, they are rendered incapable of reproducing and infecting.), and a small amount of hydrogen peroxide (an oxidiser) – a safe alternative to chlorine and bromine. The saltwater in our float tanks is filtered a minimum of 3 & 3/4 times between every guest.

The other plus for floating is its isolation aspect. Not only does it provide you some social distancing while also giving health benefits and immune boosting, but it also helps you let go of the stress and worry that all too easily build up at these hectic times.

Room Sanitisation

After each guest, we visually inspect the float rooms and disinfect all commonly touched surfaces. Including interior surfaces of pods, showers, shower racks, float pod walls, etc.

We also provide a new set of freshly laundered towels for each client and after every service.

Sauna Sanitisation

Bacteria and viruses are sensitive to heat, which means they cannot survive in the infrared sauna. We also clean and disinfect the interior surfaces of our saunas and replace all comfort towels, laid inside the sauna for each guest, with freshly laundered towels.

Sanitising Public Areas.

We sanitise all high contact surfaces including; handles, light switches, faucets etc. with disinfectant spray.

In the interest of keeping each other safe, we also encourage clients and employees with symptoms or those who have been exposed to anybody with symptoms, to stay at home.

Our float friends across the world have also shared that the American CDC released a statement saying: “There is no evidence that COVID-19 can be spread to humans through the use of pools and hot tubs. Proper operation, maintenance, and disinfection of pools and hot tubs should remove or inactivate the virus that causes COVID-19.”  Microbial physiologist, Dr. Roy Vore from the CDC, specialising in the management of recreational water such as the Spa and Pool Industry creating standards and best practices both in America and Australia, also said, “COVID-19 is not spread in water, such as float water.”

The FTA of America, for the Floatation Industry globally along with Dr Roy Vore shared;

“The virus is spread in droplets produced by coughing and sneezing that is inhaled by someone within 6 feet. It MAY be spread by touching droplets that fall on surfaces and then that person touches their faces. It is not spread in water, such as float water. Our patrons are more likely to catch this virus while at the grocery store than at the float center”.

To your health, The Beyond Rest Team.

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